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Nowoczesne systemy lokalizacji nieszczelności oraz inne zaawansowane techniki pomiarowe

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Roof CONTROL is a company, specializing in detection and repairing leakages on flat roofs.

Roof Control offers:
  • Expertises and evaluations of roof sheathing conditions, terraces, reservoirs etc.
  • Diagnostics of roof tightness - Tar Roofing, PCV Membranes, TPO Membranes, EPDM
  • Repair detected leakages
  • Complex flat roofs and terrace projects
  • Moisture measurements in building materials
  • Thermographic diagnostics of buildings
  • Roof service Inspections
  • investor's inspection
We also offer:
  • Fast realization of the orders
  • Competitive prices
  • Individual valuation, after building overview or providing all the necessary data to evaluate the amount of work.

Our team consists of: – Building Appraiser, Architects, Designers, Construction Managers, Technicians and skilled, experienced Roofers, who have practical and professional knowledge in flat roofs realization. The experience we have earned over the years and qualified engineering support are the guarantee of the highest standards and workmanship. We look forward to cooperate with you.


Oferujemy nowoczesne systemy lokalizacji nieszczelności oraz inne zaawansowane techniki pomiarowe.

Roof tightness proofing methods
Projects and Supervisions

We offer complex projects for new planned and renovated flat roofs and terraces:

  • Selection of the most suitable material solutions
  • Carrying out thermal calculation for projected building barriers
  • Calculation of the trapezoidal metal sheet and its fixings to the bearing construction
  • Calculation of bearing constructions for skylights
  • Wind calculation for roof fasteners with the fixing- type, and minimal amount of fasteners, wind zones, calculated individual for every roof localization.
  • Schemes of roof details, for particular flat roof solutions
  • -other projects, indispensible for the right roof realization
Expertise and Technical Opinions

We carry out the expertise and technical opinions of the roof sheathings such as: Measuring the humidity of building materials, thermal analysis of the building barriers and the test of the Roof’s tightness. Roof Control offer a few unique techniques in roof tightness analysis. Company, thanks to the experience throughout the several years in projects and on the building site, is able to specify almost every defects of the roof sealing.

Seasonal Services

Roof Control also does the seasonal services of flat roofs. We have professional crew, which contains experienced roofers and technicians. Regularly, we visit the roofs, make inspections and service them to keep the roof sealing in a good state.


Mamy swoją historię

Nowoczesne systemy lokalizacji nieszczelności oraz inne zaawansowane techniki pomiarowe zgłębiamy już od kilkunastu lat. Nasze doświadczenie i umiejętności rozwijaliśmy pracując dla wielu polskich firm budowlanych i inwestorów zagranicznych.


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